7. Mar

Website release!

Finally, almost 5 years after my first album was released, I’ve managed to get off my butt and made me an official webpage! I’m a hard working guy, but sometimes something as important as this just slips under the radar, sorry about that…

The fans are always asking me about my upcoming gigs, whether it’s my own solo thing, Sunrise Avenue, Northern Governors or even something random. Well now you can check out my schedule always from this site. I haven’t been a very active blogger either, but I promise to start doing that more as well.

There are also about a dozen different “Osmo Ikonen” facebook sites, some made by me and some made by the fans and even I haven’t been sure what is the “official” one… Now I invite all of you to click on the “facebook” link on this website and become a member of my facebook band site. All you need to do is to click “like” on the page and you’re in! I’m gonna post all the blogs and info I write to my webpage there as well. You can also find info about me from the facebook sites organized by my fans such as The Official Osmo Ikonen fansite and O-team.

Thanks for your support, I’ll keep you posted


6. Mar


It works great with iPhone as well!


6. Mar

Peace Song

5. Mar

Oddarrang In Tokyo

That’s me playing the cello in Tokyo, even if you can’t see the face! This was taken by my friend Tero Ahonen, who also designed this webpage. I’ll upload more fotos from the trip in a while…

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